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Fast and efficient brands with the power of Video

We are in the business of making companies smarter with the power of Videos. A video is the fastest and interesting way of communicating information. Today everything from an image based social media post to documents, to presentations and excel sheets can become videos. However many of us are yet to make that transition. With a multi-media screen available gone are the days when still based mediums sfind a place in the corporate world.

From marketing to internal communications to CSR to corporate governance videos is now relevant in every field.

We provide end-to-end solutions for all our client's requirements.

Social Media Videos

Our business models is designed to take care of your Social media Content requirements end-to-end with minimum cost and more importantly minimum headache.

Internal Communication

Videos is the most interesting way to engage your employees. Not to mention quick , efficient and economic !

Corporate Governance

Need to send information to a Senior to a Stakeholder ? Send a video that helps his/her decision making. The paperwork as usual can slowly follow. 

Our Clients

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What We Do


Marketing in motion

A minute of Video is worth a million words.
Connect with your audience like never before with the power of Videos.
Chandrachur Basu

Meet the Team

Sajan Nair
Account Management
Debraj Bhadra
Creative Director
Apu Mukherjee
Sanjeev Poply
Production Manager

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